No idea what this ride is?


I hope someone can help, I have this scheduled for today ride but no idea what type of ride has been assigned in the planner or app, I have tried to auto generate a ride but its result is completely different to the XXS score and type of ride. It would be good to know what type of ride this is.

Thanks !

If no workouts/rides listed under Recommended Training to the right it means no match found.
How much historical data do you have on file?
What is your status stars count?
Adapt Forecast red dot indicates you should run that unless you are shuffling days of the week on purpose. What changes if you run that first?

Nothing has been assigned to today. Click the :arrow_upper_right: link to pick a workout/outdoor ride/virtual ride you wish to do.

This part of the plan is different that other plans that dictate the workout you need to do. With the Xert Forecast AI, you get to choose how you wish to do the training and there are many options available for that. I.e. you don’t need to be a slave to the indoor trainer.

Have loaded my historical strava rides which includes outdoors and Zwift.

I am on 2.5 stars in Blue ie Fresh.

I have since updated as I did a short ride and now its completely changed LOL after the Adapt Forecast refersh. Its seems so random, one minute its saying do a high intensity ride and now no further rides until tomorrow.

There are no random calculations. It just tries to fit everything in that you have towards your goal. It will move things around in the same way that it created it by picking what works best towards the goal/event.

In the case for today, it doesn’t yet add another forecast if you’ve done an activity today. Send this to so we can have a deeper look. As you might imagine, there’s a lot of complexity in dealing with forecasted training and completed training that happens today.

Thanks, so I have tried the option to select a ride and although it lists a number of rides with the same XSS the rides provided are not the same intensity Xert has recommended.

What’s your filter?

Filter XSS 67

Looks like your plan is in strange state. Reach out to for help. Cheers.

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There probably is no Puncheur workout with exactly 67 XSS. And if you’re using the recommendations you don’t need to filter the XSS, Xert does that unless you want to do less or more but than an exact number will probably not work well, a range from 60-70 or whatever might work.

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I checked and there is one SMART - Kung Fu Fighting so it should have recommended that probably.

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It is found when filter is set from 66 to 68 but not if it is set from 67 to 67

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Support have confirmed there is an issue on my target/goals, apparently I had two plans running concurrently and they are looking into, thought it was strange as I had no goals showing even though it was set.

thanks for checking, not expecting a work out to match exactly but something near to it, anyway it looks like some issue with the plan on the system side so will leave it to the support guys to resolve.

Thanks all and great community here!! :grinning:

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