No Elevation Gain for Virtual rides?

Hi guys
I have noticed that my Elevation Gain data field always shows zero for indoor rides even when the workout (often named as a ‘Virtual’ workout) contains significant time in (positive) Slope Mode. Is this normal?

Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong???

If it is just a case that Xert does not calculate the elevation gain even when using a positive slope for all or any part of it then I beg the question - is there any reason this cannot or should not be added as a future enhancement please?

Failing that or at least in the meantime, how could I Edit that field after performing the calculation(s) myself?

I am using a Kickr Bike for my indoor workouts and regardless of what trainer one is using it seems that an accumulation of Elevation Gain could easily be calculated using the (virtual) Distance covered during any and all Slope Mode intervals performed at the specific gradient(s).


MIXEDMODE workouts force you to use gears/cadence to hit wattage targets by setting a slope resistance. However, you are not really riding a course that accurately reflects elevation gain. Virtual in this case is more intensity based and less on reality. :slight_smile:

Consider you can ride any workout in slope mode adjusting % to provide required resistance based on gearing and your cadence range. That implies every workout could have a theoretical elevation gain, but calculations would be wildly off compared to an actual outdoor route. It would depend upon trainer type, gears used, cadence, and an individual’s climbing ability.

For some Speed by Power feels about right when estimating distance for indoor rides. For others, not so much. Throw in a few imaginary hills and things fall apart quickly.

Along similar lines Everesting indoors on a virtual app is a questionable pursuit IMO.
I grew tired of the virtual ride apps quickly. One too many ascents staring at the road ahead. However, I do enjoy solo sessions with a background ride or race (YT video). I especially like scenic videos that include descents and occasional pans left and right.

For anyone interested here’s a video link to use on your next solo session workout that puts you in the middle of a road race. Use the Overlayed option with Transparency and nix the Chat box for best experience…
Video has a bit of everything including pulls at the front and chasing down someone who takes a flier.

Collin M has an number of group ride/race videos, some with a rearview cam in upper left in which case drag the rainbow gauge down to where the chat box normally sits.
Those relying on phone app only are missing out. :wink: Solo sessions are an enjoyable way to ride indoor workouts plus the video options are endless and free.