no data show

it keeps loading but won’t show data anymore

Like below, be sure you have activities with power data, no activities that have dates into the future and a properly set Fitness Signature.

used to be working, one day it just stop showing up, all my workout before May are also gone without reason

There is only 1 activity on your account. Are you on a free trial or paid subscription?

paid subscription, i was trying if it wil work again by removing all workouts and re-upload them, no go though

Try setting a Fitness Signature using the calculator and see if your page loads correctly afterwards.

Looks like it might be a timezone issue. :frowning: Your activity is dated into the future. Wait about another 6 hours and everything should show correctly. We’ll have to fix that. Sorry for the trouble.

nothing really change after delete all workouts and re-upload

You might have had some XPMC setting value set incorrectly. It appears to be fine now. If you run into issues again, let us know exactly how to replicate your issue. Sorry for the trouble.

Hi. My fitness page is not loading. Tried the fitness calculator No go.

Seems fine on this side. Let us know if you are still experiencing any issues.

I’m good now. Thanks Armando

Actually now that I try and access from iPad I have the same issue IMG_0662

Paul. Not seeing any issues here either on Chrome, Safari or Safari on iOS. Is there a networking issue perhaps or a cache setting?

Cache reset did it