No Cycling Summary on IQ activities

I am having trouble with the workout cycling summary pictures not generating when a work out is completed through the Garmin IQ app on my Garmin 530. Updated the app already. I had a few work correctly last week and then two failed ones this week.

Hi Justin,

Do you have your Garmin Connect account linked to Strava? If so, as soon as you finish the ride, it’s a race to see which gets the activity first…Strava or us. If it goes to Strava first, we aren’t able to generate the workout report.

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I do ! So should I remove one of the connected accounts?

I suspect that the activity is going to Strava first, which is why there isn’t a workout report.Try and remove the link to strava and see what happens after your next workout.


I am on it ! Thank you

Thanks for clarifying the question with this answer - I didn’t quite get what Justin meant :sunglasses: But yes, Garmin -> Xert -> Strava is the way to sync.

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