No Breakthrough, Even though power exceeds MPA

Hey fellow Xerters,

I did the below ride/effort, in an effort to get a breakthrough. The graph looks like there should be one but Xert doesn’t think so. :frowning:

Any support as to why would be helpful.


I believe that you need AT LEAST 5 sec at or beyond mpa to achieve a breakthrough. How long was it? It looks like you just exceeded mpa then stopped to recover.

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Ah ok, makes sense as I put in a big effort for the last few secs of a hill climb. Obviously not long enough. 5secs of pain at least. Got it

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We use 5s as a general rule of thumb - a (near) breakthrough is only awarded when there is a material change to your signature when analyzing the Power & MPA data - either up or down.

Xert also does some data filtering to prevent short power spikes, like yours here, from generating breakthroughs, since some PM’s will send erroneous data (1800+ W) which could negatively impact their fitness signature.

Thanks Scott. Makes perfect sense.