No Autogen option

Looking to setup an AI workout for tomorrow, haven’t use this new feature yet. However, I don’t have the autogen button, I’ve tried multiple things to see if it will appear with no luck. What am I missing?

It’s within the “Training” tab and next to the “Duration” select dropdown…

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Hi @Subluxator … AI-generated workouts are only available for today’s training at the moment - this is intentional, with some of our reasoning:

  • Each AI-generated workout is meant to be used once to meet a particular combination of L/H/P XSS. It might be confusing for users to have multiple AI-generated workouts in their library.
  • Also, it’s possible - and very common - for the recommendations on a particular day to change based on what was planned for a day/week versus what was actually completed, especially when outdoor rides are involved. It would be strange to have a workout planned from earlier in the week that no longer matches the current recommendations.


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much thanks!

Thanks Scott. I was “practicing” with how to set it up last night, I had read already that it could only be setup for the current day so I was doing it for yesterday.

I mentioned this in the other longer thread, but it would be great to be able to just have the 3 XSS numbers on my garmin screen with a target for each for the workout. That would be much much easier to do than following a structured workout outside.

Before the update, when I was doing workouts outside i mounted my iphone and used the app, which allowed me to easily pause the workout when the terrain didn’t work for the interval. I then keep my garmin in my pocket and record the entire workout and use that data to upload. It works but being able to freestyle like I mentioned above would be the best solution, like focus training was before but better.



Autogen seems to be an AI generated way of producing exactly the workout that Xert thinks you need.


In that case why not have a daily AI generated workout unique to everyone and a set of standard workouts to be used if you don’t want to do the AI workout for any reason.

I don’t really understand when you use the AI workout.


I guess they currently don’t do that because they do not have enough experience and feedback on the AI generated workouts. Also, they consume a lot of CPU to generate, which might not be needed if the user does not want it. Generating once a day might not be enough, I think you might want to recalculate it once the XSS deficit is changed (which is calculated based on a rolling window of workouts?) or your fitness signature is changed.

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And many people ride indoor and for that would probably prefer the manualy built workouts as they are more interesting and provide the option to balance invested time with difficulty.
They might match target xss split a bit less, but well, these are a rough guidance, not brain chirurgie.

The AI workout is unique to each user and specific to the needs at that moment. It creates a workout for you based on the specific prescribed low, high and peak targets.

The reason for creating this feature will come apparent with the next major update but suffice it to say, our choice was to either create a workout library that would allow every combination of low, high and peak that an athlete may want to target in a workout or find a way to generate the workout on the fly. We chose the latter since the former would result in literally hundreds of thousands of workouts. Development wasn’t easy as we tried a number of AI techniques most of which simply didn’t work well. But we were successful.

Next time you have a high intensity workout, test it out. They are simple workouts but highly tuned to your specific signature and XSS needs.

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Why is the Autogen Button not available?