Next Generation of Xert (v2)

I’ve been seeing all these comments about the next version of Xert to be released.

Is there a date for when the new v2 Xert will be released?


I’m interested too. From the few clues that have been dropped so far it seems the idea with v2 is to better classify workouts between lower threshold and threshold as more than just “endurance”. Some idea of timelines would be great. Hopefully there will be some beta / early access available to test these new things out (something I wish Xert did more of by the way).


My wish for V2 would be the ability to configure automatic recovery weeks where the configurable side would be every x weeks with y% drop in intensity and or duration.


What I understood from those comments, is that Xert will try to estimate the decay of your PMA and HIE over time during your ride, even if you don’t ride above your TP. I think that everybody knows that, as much as you’d wish, you can’t push the same power after several hours, than you were able to do at the beginning of your ride.


Exactly this!
I’ve joined Xert this week after using a popular competitor for about 3 years.
It has really opened my eyes about some of my (neglected) capacity for over-threshold work.
Xert seems limited, however, in guiding me for very long, sub-threshold adventures, which are some of my favorites. Developing something analogous to HIE, but for lower levels? The “slow work capacity?”


Yes - that is the holy grail. Not easy though. Your current signature is determined by riding to failure above threshold for a short period if time. Can you imagine the test to determine some sort of sub threshold signature - riding to failure below threshold for a few hours taking note of what you ate & drunk and then do it again eating and drinking a different amount!! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: