Newby question

I’ve been using Xert for 60 days now - all but one of my workouts have been in the very tired or tired zone - . Where should the bulk of my training take place? Yellow and blue stars? saving green stars for race day or breakthrough days? I’m tired but doing far less than prior to using Xert to guide my daily/weekly planning.

Hi Dan, I have this question too. I am assuming that keeping the stars mostly yellow is probably optimal when building a base. Later on in the saison, when you shift your training to the more intense regions, then I guess it should be mostly (green?) blue and red stars. You need the (green and) blue stars to be able to do the more intense workouts, and the day after the intense workouts you will get red stars. See what Armando has to say.

The seed value under My Fitness/Advanced can be use to tell the system that you were fitter on your first activity than “0”. We are working on a way to automatically estimate what this should be. If you had been training previously to your first activity on the system, enter in a value like 40 or 60, something that represents your average daily XSS prior to your first activity. This helps the system know that you can handle more load and will lift your XPMC Training Load and reduce the occurrence of red/yellow.