Newbie question about new subscription

I just became a new paying member. Will my account automatically update with more data from my Garmin? Or do I need to manually get my account to upload ride information beyond the 3 month limit that a free account will only do?


Hi Paul,

Welcome to Xert! :slight_smile: You’ll need to manually request those activities. Head to Sync > Garmin Connect and use the calendar selection tool to select a timeframe. Garmin only allows 3 months of activity to be sent with each request.

FWIW, much easier to sync from Strava, if the same data/activities are there.

Thank you. I will do that. Also, which android app should I download? The Xert EBC or Xert? What do the different apps do?


EBC is the current app for Android and iOS.
Xert is the original Android app no longer supported and it lacks the latest features.

Lot of newbie tips in this thread –
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Welcome aboard. :+1: