Newbie qstn: how best to refresh fitness signature, Wahoo Kikr + iPhone player

been training mostly outdoors recently with no pwoermeter (only Strava estimated power), prior to that was doing workouts on Kikr in erg mode, consequently signature is ‘degrading’. Looking for guidance on a trainer workout + approach that will update signature?

Most of our users simply ride in some group ride or online race that will push them to their limit. This is the best method to get your signature to track your current fitness. There are a number of Xert Fitness Signature test workouts if you really want to follow a set structure. Read the descriptions. There is only one Fitness Test workout that will work with the iOS app since it can only work in erg mode. Not the optimal way to test really. Unlike other systems, creating more variability in the power data results in improved signature determination since there is more information in how you fatigue and reach various points of exhaustion rather than doing a simple test effort which doesn’t provide as much information about you. Older testing methods you have you test at various durations. With Xert, you just need to ride and reach your limit at various points in time.