Newbie, karoo2 exrt outdoor options

Thanks to Scott, I’ve got the indoor setup ebc and karoo2 working,
I’m guessing there are 2 ways for outdoor, 1, just ride let using karoo2 outdoor, load activity from Strava to exrt for analysis?
2, in Karoo2 add exrt datafields to outdoor, pair sensors , ride will display mpa and xss. Once done load activity to exrt for analysis?
Thank you for your help

Ride and sync later is an option, but you can also run EBC outdoors to access all the Xert fields including Focus. That would allow you to “free ride to Focus” if you intend to do that.
You can switch between Karoo navigation and EBC as needed.
Or add MPA and XSS fields to native Karoo screens. In this case you can monitor XSS to reach your goal for the day and monitor MPA drawdown with the possibility of breakthrough opportunities.

Lots of newbie tips posted in this thread –
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Hope you’ve had a chance to watch Scott’s academy videos –
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Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Thank you, so far I’ve been listening to the podcasts while riding indoor adaptive workouts. The weather this weekend should allow for a few decent free rides, looking for a breakthrough!
Again, thanks for the links!