Newbie Advice

I have been using TR for the last year and today took the plunge with Xert. I have gone for the subscription instead of the free trial. Linked my account to garmin and Strava however none of my TR workouts have pulled through. Should I manually input them or should Xert pull them through?

When you sync your cycling activities from Strava you want to make sure Rides, Virtual Rides, and Workouts are selected under Sync Strava, Edit Activity Types button.

If you have favorite workouts sourced elsewhere that you’d like to import into your Personal folder, select Import Workouts.
For details see: Workout Import and SMART Conversion Tool – Xert
Imported workouts that meet Suitability requirements for the day will show up on Recommended lists.

Lots of newbie tips posted here – Beginner questions
Academy series videos are the quickest way to get up to speed – Discover + Improve + Perform
FAQs & Glossary – Support Home – Xert

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile: