Hi Armondo. First off I’m hooked after only a week. I’m still on my free trail but tried to subscribe but my card will not be accepted but i know it works fine?
Next when finishing a workout it wont save to xert. I have to use my garmin or zwift data from strava… I would perfer it to link to training peaks but I here you have to manualy upload which i had difficulty with.
I have also acciedently deleted some rides as if u touch the trash it doesnt ask if you are sure
Appoliges for all the questions

Our payment processor is and they are widely used on the Internet. You may want to check with your bank and see why it is not being accepted by them. We do offer PayPal, but only for yearly subscriptions at this time.

Setup Garmin Connect and record everything with your Garmin and they’ll just appear automatically on Xert.

Thanks for the reply Armando… I decided to just go for it and took the year out… I will just use my Garmin Connect account to sync