New XPMC Settings

We’ve moved things around a bit for more logical navigation. You’ll find a new Fitness Signatures chart below the Progression Charts. This was originally on the Advanced tab. We’ve also added the ability to change all 6 time constants and to enter a seed value for Training Load / Recovery Load. You’ll be able to see subtle changes in your Training and Recovery load when you make changes. Here is a nice chart that shows how FTP and TL/RL correlated for the past season.
Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 8

Maybe you can add a Training Outlook for Load and Rest weeks. Load weeks f.i. + 30 XSS and Rest weeks -20 XSS?
XSS Load 2017

Absolutely. XPMC Phase II will bring not just an outlook on what training load will be but also predicted future signature values, using historical trends. It will be determined either based on your scheduled workouts or extrapolated values using your current weekly training load.

Really looking forward to that. Virtual coffee coming your way :wink: