New user testing trial

I don’t think this thing is working correctly. I synced 1 year of strava data and it shows no data synced. I can’t believe that this data is correct. I mainly MTB train and use HR. I do train on the road with a PM. Does this software only use PM? So far this software tells me nothing. It says I am not trained with 1/2 a star. I am on an elite masters team and I train 10-12 hrs a week. I am not sold on subscribing. I need to see something that makes sense.

Hi Michael. Yes the software relies on power data for analysis at this stage. We don’t yet estimate training strain from activities without power. You can enter activities manually or update your activities using the Fitness Planner. See our FAQ for some guidelines on how to detemine XSS, Focus and Specificity Rating for other activities.

Power only is going to cut it. I like the interface. I believe you need heart rate and/or power. When you have both, I’ll try it again.

It’s in the pipeline. We plan on doing it much better than has ever been done before. Stay in touch.