New User, just have a few questions to get me started


I’ve read lots of documentation and I’m really excited to get started using it to train toward my target event on April 27th (The Mallorca 312). I already have a pretty sound understanding of the basic terms associated with cycling training such as TSS, CTL, etc and also the principles of how to train when you build up to an event so an automated platform that can flex on a day by day basis based on my current status really appeals to me and is something I’ve dreamed of for some time! Happy days ahead hopefully.

What I want to clarify is when I should be changing the Improvement Rate and how to use the Fitness Feedback bar. Do I understand it correctly that the suggested activity is based on my current training cycle (Base, Build, etc), my IR and my current ‘Freshness’?

If so, and my main question, what do I do when I’m sick? Unfortunately, we get sick and mentally we want to train but we know we probably shouldn’t. Therefore it would be useful if we could indicate we are currently sick and things are adjusted accordingly as opposed to the ‘Training Advisor’ tell ing me I need to catch up with a 2-3 hour ride to get back onto the track. In these instances should I whack the fitness bar all the way to the left and adjust my IR to something like ‘Off Season’ or is there a more intuitive way to indicate a period of illness.

Thanks, Jason

Hi Jason. Thanks for joining! Improvement Rate (IR) and Freshness Feedback (FF) are two separate dimensions to how training will get recommended. IR defines the volume of training you’ll need to do and FF helps the engine refine how it calculates freshness for workout intensity. So if you’re sick you would most likely shift FF to the left, to indicate you’ll need more recovery before you can do intensity and you may either let a deficit creep up by keeping the same IR or reduce it. If you reduce it, the Workout XSS determined for your workouts will be less. Ultimately, you’ll want to reduce your training appropriately until you recover at which point you can set your IR based on your available time and tune FF to how you recover, keep your deficits low, follow the recommendations and you’ll be the best you can be on April 27th.

Thanks Armando!

Going to Mallorca312, too. Good luck w/training.