New Training Status

In a effort to better reflect the advice coming from the Training Advisor, we made some minor changes to how Training Status is determined. Please review the Glossary entry for details.

Could you further explain this one please Armando, maybe with some dummy figures: Amber – Tired: Low Form > -30% AND High + Peak Form > 0% of Training Load

Hi Armando. Could you also explain the dial on the My Fitness tab, in particular what each of the arrows means. I like the look of this new feature, just a bit unsure of how to interpret it.


Gareth. Does the HELP button provide enough info or do you feel there is more needed?

John, Xert can make some inferences on your status that consistent with what you would expect. Amber shows when your High and Peak intensity RL > TL (Form < 0 … or in other languages ATL > CTL, only applies to the 2 Peak and High PMCs). This means that your High and Peak Form is negative and you shouldn’t be doing High Intensity work. If your Low Form / Low TL < -30%, you’re also too tired to do Low Intensity work, hence time to recover. You can view the individual XPMCs on the Fitness Signature Chart. They can be exposed by clicking on the legend items. (This is confusing but ultimately the software is saying, you’re not fresh enough for high-intensity but you can do low intensity. The -30% ratio of Form/TL for Low generates a low:high intensity of about 80:20 … the infamous 80:20 rule. Probably needs more than this little box to explain it more and we’ll look to add more to our documentation soon.)

Yes it does Armando, apologies I hadn’t noticed it.

I think it would be great to add in the “Training Status and Form” glossary the type of training (or not training) that is advised depending on the status. Maybe is common knowledge, but I don’t know and would like to know.

I just found some information in the help of “Xert Training Pacer”. By the way, there you use “yellow” as tired, and in the Status/Form help you use “amber” as tired.

Ah right that makes sense - clever stuff. BTW nice additions to the new UI - thanks for all the hard work Armando et al :slight_smile: