New TP after Update - confused

Sorry guys, really tried to figure it out by myself, but unfortunatly to no avail:

Aefore the update, my TP was estimated at being ~315W, which makes sense to me, feeling-wise, and also what other programs have estimated.

After the update - no matter which decay method I choose I always end up with a TP of 330W+, which is more like a <=10 min max effort, and a lower threshold power of ~300W; well, just no, no way at this moment at the beginning of base.

What is strange: my Fitness Signature progression chart actually shows approx. correct values?

I wouldn’t care to much, but as a lot of my workouts are based on %TP, this messes things quite up a lot.


Yes. Those numbers look off. Send a note into support so we don’t share all your information publicly. Thanks.

Same here. I was around 210W TP before the update, then all of a sudden it jumped to 250W (no matter which decay I use)
I have already sent a mail to support

Same here.Upgrade +7 TP, +30 LTP
Impossible for me to Di thé workouts with this New FTP
I had to change the values on my last breakthroug, -10 TP, +8 HIE to have a more “normal” LTP.
Question : why thèse abnormal New values ?
I sent a message to thé support