New to Xert

Hi I have just joined up but having trouble syncing my Garmin connect / Strava data to establish a fitness signature. Any suggestions ?

It looks like your activities were hung up on your Sync > Strava page. We had a quick look and forced those through (tick the box in the upper left of the list, then clicked ‘Sync’) but it looks like you have a lot of activities without power data. If you weren’t riding with a power meter, or on a trainer without power, search the support page at for ‘manual activity’ to see how you should update them with XSS, focus, and specificity to help keep your signature accurate. But if there is another problem, send a note to and the team there can help you out.

Hi Jamie, thanks for having a look I was hoping to sync directly from TP but I believe that’s no longer supported. I guess it will maybe take a few weeks for my fitness signature to take shape ?

You can bulk export your activity files from Training Peaks ( )but they are downloaded in a ZIP file. You’ll need to unzip the folder, and then unzip each activity , but it goes very quickly. You can then upload those activities, as long as they are in FIT or TCX format, to Xert at Sync > Upload Activity.

Hi Jamie - Thanks again I will give this a try over the next day or two and let you know how I get on.