New to XERT, WOW!

Hi everyone,

I am new to Xert i’ve only did 2 workouts so far, but more important that i have to admit i am a numbers nerd, I think i enjoy looking at the analytics more than I enjoy riding my bike and i am in awe at how well this product has been put together. I am a software engineer myself and i have to give kudos to the developers for managing to produce something like this where technology meets user requirements in such a pleasant way. I uploaded my 2 year history on strava with power data and can’t take my eyes off this thing!

Even the workouts they are so well designed and the suggested workouts push you just the right amount for what you can do on that day. Incredible.

Best $10 i’ll be spending every month.


Welcome from another software engineer and data nerd who sometimes rides to have new data to look at :wink: …or maybe because the workout looks so interesting.