New to Xert need help on athlete type

Hi all,

I am new to Xert, just some background for information.

I am a classic Sunday warrior, between 4 to 5 hours a week is my normal riding.

turning 40 this year and really want to do some big events next few years so looking to get into training.

I am going to mallorca for a week next march and was wonder what is the best athlete type to pick ? I have gone with GC as i thought that was an all round.

Any Help be very much appreciated thank you.

Yes, GC is a good place to start or hang out while you learn the system.
You can always change athlete type on-the-fly under Goals to see what changes in the recommendations or use Filter to the same effect. You will likely find some favorite workouts by mixing things up.

Lots of newbie tips in this thread –
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (
Otherwise watch the academy videos as you have time –

Welcome aboard. :smiley:

We’re off to Mallorca next month. There are lots of steady long(ish) climbs. Training for this at around just under LTP to TP effort is your best bet. Which would mean a sprint time trial (20min) or time trial (60min) athlete type.

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Just started watching them thank you for your reply.

I’d recommend something a bit higher on the PD curve - Sprint TT and TT athlete types are good for increasing TP, but those athlete types will lack some of the high(er) intensity that you will need for some of the shorter/punchier climbs.

Personally, I’d recommend something like Climber or GC Specialist, as those Athlete Types will introduce a little more variety (and intensity) into your training program when you get deeper into the Build & Peak phases.

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There are no short and punchy climbs on Mallorca. They’re all steady tempo or sweet spot type climbs

Since March 2023 is a long way off you could try different settings and maybe switch to something specific for Mallorca a few months before you actually go there. Would be a shame never to try the shorter focus duration workouts (with some orange and red) and just do endurance all the time. Unless you find out it’s what you like best or need to for a specific goal.