New SMART Workout(s)

This new SMART workout is called Dirty Little Secret… is it?

This is the latest of our MIXED MODE workouts, which allows EBC to automatically switch between ERG mode for the warmup, recovery between sets, and a fixed 4.0% SLOPE on the 20s red intervals. This means you’ll need to use your gears & cadence for the sprints. The recovery intervals between sprints are SMART and will dynamically adjust, allowing you to reach the perfect amount of recovery before the next 20s sprint effort.

Being less than 60 minutes (~30 min if you only do 1 set), it’s relatively easy to mix in once a week to top up on your Peak Strain and keep your Peak Power from drifting down during longer periods of low intensity riding.

It’s also quite amazing to see the (generally) inverted behavior of MPA and HR during this workout:

Have you tried it out yet? Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:


Hi @ManofSteele just wondering since I’ve just started using Xert how do I work out what workouts I do in each mode as some of them say what mode should be used while others don’t ? Is there anywhere I can go look which gives a list of all the workouts and what mode you should do them in ?

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Hi @Shaned72 ,

About 99.9% of the time, you’ll want to be in AUTO mode. Most of the time, AUTO functions like ERG mode in other platforms, where the app & trainer will control the resistance for you. However, any workouts that say MIXEDMODE in the description means that there will be interval(s) in the workout done in SLOPE mode (at a pre-defined slope %). You’ll also use AUTO for these - Xert EBC will automatically switch from ERG mode to SLOPE and back without any manual intervention.

Most of the MIXEDMODE workouts are either:

  • Sprint workouts with all-out 10-20s sprints, or
  • Workouts designed to be performed all-out, such as the micro-intervals found in Ronnestads/Billat workouts

I’d encourage you to try one out. It will probably take some time to get ‘used’ to it & figure out the gearing/cadence you need to hit the interval targets, but very effective once you understand how they work :slight_smile:


Thanks @ManofSteele its still taking some getting used to, after using other apps which either only used ERG or Slope but not both at the same time.