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I did the Workout „Smart - Life is a Highway“ today. There are some 10 sec-sprints and the power of my Wahoo Kickr did not go really high in the sprints. After the workout I did some reserch here and I think, I have to use the gears to get the power up for the sprints because it is a „Mixed Mode“-Workout. The Workout description says, the sprints are „against a fixed slope“

  1. Do I have to use the gears to get the power up for the intervalls?
  2. Where can I see, if there is a „Slope Mode“-Intervall coming up and I have to use the gears? (I use the ios-App and the Workout Player)

Yes, you want to use gears and cadence when in Slope mode.
There isn’t an indication when a slope mode interval is up next (like there is with the Android app). However, the Session Player alerts you to upcoming Slope Mode % on the power chart.
Have you tried using the Session Player yet on a laptop/tablet/PC while running the phone app?

If you review the workout ahead of time MIXEDMODE will appear in the description or a #MIXEDMODE tag at the bottom.
During the workout you’ll see a label below the target watts such as –
XXX (watts)
Target: Slope 5%
The label will also indicate when the interval is SMART such as XSSR based.
Same labels appear on the Session Player above the rainbow gauge.

You’ll need to practice a bit with MIXEDMODE workouts to determine which gears work best with your trainer.
The slope mode intervals in the workout you did are all-out sprints so there really isn’t a target limit. Go as hard as you possibly can at a high cadence.
MIXEDMODE also ensures no spiral of death (ERG mode lockup) when transitioning to high watt intervals.

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Thank you for the explanation. I will have a closer look a the #mixedmode in the future.
I did not use the session player yet, because I thought it is for scheduled group sessions only. Or am I wrong? Can I use it instead of the remote player?

The Session Player is an enhanced version of the Remote Player with many more features including support for group sessions, zoom in/out colored power chart, plus option for Spotify music and/or Youtube video. The leaderboard is replaced with the workout stats box when you use it for solo sessions.
You can easily test solo mode by selecting Training, Sessions on left-sidebar menu of XO, wait a few seconds for the Sessions Library to appear, scroll down until you find a workout/video of interest, click Play Now, then start EBC on your phone. That session will be listed at the top of the Train page (on iOS). If EBC is already running before you select Play Now, swipe down on the Train page to refresh the list.

TIP: If you’d like to watch the video in full screen, tap on the full screen icon in lower right of the video box. You can toggle back to the power chart and rainbow gauge whenever you want or monitor those on the phone app while you “watch the movie”.

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Thanks, I will try that :pray::+1::biking_woman: