New signature after new update

Anyone have a new signature after new update? Today i tried ride 85% LTP, but it feels hard, my HR around zone 3 when i did it

No, but assuming you have accurate peak power data, your HIE looks quite low relative to your peak power, which would inflate LTP. Not sure what you had before?

You could try adjusting your last BT, or email support and they’ll look into it if you are not comfortable

I’ve tested my peak power, and my output almost same, i did 2 sprint at zwift, and the result almost same, at first 1040, second is 1090.

I’ll try to adjust my last breakthrough

Ok, and wasn’t suggesting it was wrong - just good to check you have no errors in data. You should look at raising HIE (maybe to the middle of the range in the chart?) and lowering TP then re-extracting from your last BT