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Hi guys !

I have been on Xert for about 2 weeks and I really love them system ! Although I have some questions that I can’t find the specific answer so I’m asking here.

  1. The training Deficit/Surplus

    • Is the XSS number representing the one I am in deficit PER workout ? it doesn’t seems to move at all. What I mean is : it’s written 106 XSS, but I’ve done around 200 XSS this week already… I don’t understand how does it work and how do I know if I’m in surplus ?.
  2. The Focus type

    • As of my phase right now, it says Endurance, so I’m mainly doing endurance workout. But it says Focus 1:23:28. Does it mean that I have to do at leasy 1:23:28 min of endurance workout per day ? or Per week ?
  3. Recommended XSS

    • It says 82 XSS. Does it mean that it suggest me to do all my training at at least 82 XSS ? or it goes at 82 XSS over the whole week ?
  4. In terms of weekly training it says I’m over (suggested 5 hours right now and I’m doing around 7-8h a week) and the needle of the status pacer is still almost at Falling behind… Althought… I’m always doing the suggest training of the platform…

I always feel fully fresh and I putted my freshness at 50 since the workout are always way to easy. I know that my history input of the last 6 month might not be good since I did some training with power and some other without, but I feel like I shoudl do some fitness test training because for now, it’s way to easy.

Thanks a lot !

1 - Deficit/surplus is pts below or above Noon position on Training Pacer against your currently configured Improvement Rate.
For example, 106 pts deficit to Noon as of end-of-day if As Of is set to the default of 11:59 pm.
No need to worry about carrying a deficit from one week to the next or necessarily closing a gap today. The Training Pacer reflects a weighted moving average of your XSS activities over a rolling 7-day period. Keep in needle in the 11am-1pm position and you are doing fine.
Always dipping towards red? Lower your ramp rate to reduce weekly hours commitment. The pacer needle position will update immediately to reflect that change. You can do this at any time.
If you generate a surplus and want to take a day off, do so.

See details in the Deficit/Surplus As Of help tip article: Training Deficit and Surplus – Xert (

2 - Focus Type does not refer to the length of a workout. It is Xert’s method of classifying strain “zones” along the power curve.
Actual workout length is dependent upon how much time you have to train today and how much XSS you’d like to accumulate at the target strain.
1:23:28 is a mathematical result indicating an easier endurance level workout close to your 1:20 power (between Time-Trialist and Century Rider focus duration points).

See details in the Focus Type help tip article: Understanding ‘Focus’ and how to use it – Xert (

3 - This is the amount of XSS you have performed on same day of week in recent past by activity type (outdoor, indoor, virtual). XSS will range by type.
If you have more or less time to train today change Duration filter to recast the recommendations. Prefer to ride outdoors instead? Consider the “free ride” advice to achieve similar strain results without trying to replicate a rigid workout format.

See details in the Recommended XSS help tip article: Recommended XSS – Xert (

If you set a TED 120 days out from now to trigger a phased progression, all Base phase (45 days) workout will be endurance level workouts regardless of calculated form. Workouts will range from easy (at or below LTP) to “hard” endurance (>LTP to TP in tempo/SS territory).

When was your last BT event as shown under your name on the Home page at
To perform a fitness test at any time (one won’t show up on suggested lists), search the Workout Library for “fitness test”, pick one, and ride it in Slope mode (if indoors), using gears/cadence to attain or exceed targets (if able). That will validate or adjust your signature values if you generate a BT event.
Move FF slider back to neutral when you feel your signature is dialed in and form prediction is valid.
HIIT workouts will be suggested when calculated form is fresh (blue/green) and you have reached mid-Build phase. Or change ATP type from TED to Continuous and note differences between suggested workouts when form is yellow/tired (endurance only) versus blue-green/fresh (HIIT options).

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