New Profiles are great, but how does one

take all activities that have been automatically assigned as “cycling” and move them to a newly-created “running” profile?

The support page mentions deleting a profile that isn’t used (which I don’t have the link for in my profile settings, btw) but that also deletes all of the activities associated with it which I very much don’t want to do. Or do I need to do this and then re-sync all my years of running data into Xert to my running profile?

Following and bumping. My cycling activities are sometimes added to running, and I’d like to move them to cycling.

Following and bumping too…

I have walking and hiking tagged as cycling too going back years and it doesn’t matter when I upload them, if they aren’t running, they were always tagged cycling. How do I move them to the new running profile I setup?

You should remove them from your cycling profile first.

From there, you should be able to retroactively sync Walking/Hiking activities into the running account if you’d like. You may need to enable walking/hiking under the Strava activity type settings - by default only Runs/Virtual runs are automatically enabled in the running profile:

Is there a trick to having “Virtual Run” activities selected? That’s not even an option on mine:

Thanks for the info, but, this doesn’t really help me either. I don’t use Strava for managing my data, I use Golden Cheetah.

So I’d assume I’d have to delete years worth of activities, go into GC and edit the activity type, and re-upload? This doesn’t sound like a viable solution when I’ve been using Xert since it was in beta. I couldn’t guess how long that would take for something that should be just a button to select what profile when you edit the activity.