"New opening" XERT


Colleagues, please tell me what I should do (I’m a new XERT user) to make a “new opening”:wink:
The situation is that I used to have a test account on XERT and two weeks ago I remembered about it, I imported activities from the last three months from Stravy and now XERT wants to kill me :slight_smile:
I suggest training on such a level that the massacre, slaughterhouse :slight_smile:
They are too strong for my abilities, that’s my feeling.

Is the only way out is “Reset” settings in user account parameters?

If so, what should I do next to make XERT suggest the training level within reasonable limits? :slight_smile:

Now I have a version that is kind of dirty, so access to the training base is rather full;)

Please don’t lynch me;)


First try Account Settings in upper right, Profile, and note your current fitness signature numbers (PP, HIE, TP).
Next scroll down and select Recalculate Progression.
If that doesn’t change the signature values to more reasonable numbers you can enter starting values manually and select Save instead (not Recalculate). This assumes you can estimate your current Peak Power (max watts during a sprint) and TP (similar to FTP). For HIE select a mid-range number from this chart:

Next select Goals at right side of page and enter a TED (Target Event Date) to ensure phased recommendations. 120 days from today will start you in the base phase.
IR (Improvement Rate) should reflect how many hours per week you can workout/ride.
The Update button is at the bottom of the Goals box.

Now try some workouts suggested by XATA. If things still feel too hard you can file a support request with support@xertonline.com and ask them to evaluate you historical power data and adjust your starting signature.

There is a lot more information in this guide (you can jump around) –

Thank you very much for your very comprehensive suggestions.
By following your first suggestions related to the signature verification - after conversion it is exactly the same as it was before the conversion;)

I looked at the page with the table on the relationship of PP to HIE and TP.
And here I think something is wrong.
I look at the table of dependencies and with my PP (686W today) I think I have too high calculated HIE (20.6kJ) with TP at 236W
For the above PP, my HIE seems to be overestimated and should be around 17.5kJ.
Or vice versa with my HIE of 20.6kJ my PP should be ~ 850W.
I think I understand the HIE <> PP dependency table well?

XERT suggests only large-volume (juicy) workouts, nothing with rest, regeneration or as it is professionally called :slight_smile:
For now, I’m not making any changes to my profile right now, maybe you’ll still be eager to take a look at my signature and see something wrong?
Maybe I would like to mention that I did a lot of trips on the “NigRingVR” platform and there I turned the climbing trips into a “corpse”, because I did not have training plans, I just wanted to overcome the “gains”. Hence, possibly XERT gets power and force data. On the other hand, I used to go outside the whole summer season, so the power is terribly lower, although the distances were longer and the time of activity was several hours.

I don’t know what to think about it anymore.

Please look at the signature and training suggested by XERT for today (O-U) - massacre, 4 days in a row at this level, my head tells me that I can’t stand it :frowning:
I know, I know - head and attitude are the key. But my legs will refuse :wink:

best regards

The HIE chart shows you the expected range based on Xert’s algorithm and user data.
It is highly unlikely to have an HIE of 20 with a PP of 686.

All of the signature numbers will fluctuate as your fitness varies over time and from phase to phase…
XATA is recommending your training load per week (XSS pts) based on your current settings and phase. You are in charge of how you get there.
The recommended workout is randomly selected from the top four. You can pick any entry from that list or from the alternate list (Load More button).
You can decide on an easy day, hard day, long day, rest day, etc. to meet the weekly XSS goal. If your rest day(s) are the same each week XATA will recognize that pattern over time.

Looks you are doing fine as a 4 star status athlete as long as you can complete most workouts and feel fresh enough the next day to continue at the same level.
If not you can adjust the freshness slider under Goals to reflect how you feel and XATA will adjust future workouts accordingly…
Otherwise just keep the needle pointing up within the grey band on a day to day basis.

If you can’t complete most workouts and recover you can manually adjust your signature values. There’s no harm in doing so if the numbers aren’t realistic.
Xert will continually update your signature values moving forward as long as your workouts/rides include BT (breakthrough) efforts every few weeks.
If you’d like Xert support to review your data and adjust the signature for you, file a support request with support@xertonline.com.

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My friend from the Facebook group (a specialist in the field of cycling, a very naughty boy) suggested that I from Strava or GoldenCheatah should download the average power of 15 seconds, 3 minutes and 40 minutes from the last three months and enter these data in XERT in the “power curve calculator”.
So I did.
My parameters raised the TP even more, but they reduced the HIE to 9.4kJ (my friend calls me diesel) :slight_smile:

Today I did the suggested O-U Interval, but I reduced the second block with the intensity level because my head was telling me to “get off the bike”:wink:
After this training from today, the “TP, HIE and PP” parameters again coincided with those of the morning (before the changes I made based on Strava).
I’ll leave it alone.

I actually forgot there is a slider in “Goals” !!
In some of the forum threads I read about it, but the overwhelming amount of information was huge and I missed a lot of things.
A valuable tip from you is also that I DO NOT HAVE to perform the suggested trneongs, but I can do the ones I choose.
I was also afraid that when I “go down” to green whistles (very fresh), it is the equivalent of close out of training. And I did the XERT randomized workouts and I feel like my thighs are concreted during the hard workouts XERT is suggesting to me.

Now I will try to choose a different type of training and I will take days to rest and use … the slider :))))

Thank you very much for your valuable tips.