New Multimedia Sessions and Solo Session Mode!

Now you can decide to watch Youtube or just listen to music on your solo session … or both! Join a group session and use the carousel to slide from Youtube to Zoom to Spotify.

Solo sessions also have a convenient display with all your workout info at your fingertips.


Great - yes I spotted this the new graphic on the right instead of the Leader Board when I loaded the Session Player for a solo workout.

YouTube/Spotify - from a quick look on the Sessions Page - you can now Create a “Solo Session” and then load these media links.

Cadence - it looked like the Cadence gauge had changed and now had a green band in the middle? Is this the same as the “Cadence Optimiser” previously on the Android App?

Yes. It’s only available with EBC at the moment and not iOS. :frowning:

Tried a test today with a Youtube video and Spotify playlist.
Everything worked well but what triggers the carousel icons to appear?
Seems to be a magic spot near top of video block but it’s not consistent.
Tapping the title bar turns the icons off but I couldn’t always get them to turn back on.

Max Power appears to be maximum for current interval while Max HR is max for the workout. Is that correct?

Sorry about the delay. Max power should be fixed (max for the workout) and the icons will appear when you mouse over that panel and if 2 or more media URLs are in the session (YT,Zoom,Spotify)

“Mouse over” isn’t really possible with (most) touch screens. Just a thought…

Aha. That explains my magic spot conundrum.
I am using a Windows 10 2-in1 laptop in tablet mode with touchscreen kb.
The physical kb is dead but touchpad still works so I’ll flip it around and try a solo session today with YT and Spotify.

Perhaps add an icon to the title bar to toggle carousel controls when needed?