New MPA Garmin Connect Data Field Broken

When I went to update my signature, it appears that a new version of MPA and Power was installed (the Garmin Connect download says it was updated 9/26). When displaying the data page on my Edge 520, all that shows is a logo - no values showing anymore. In addition, Time to Exhaustion data field did not show the values for TTE that I configured in Garmin Express.

We pushed out some updates to support the new Edge 1030 and Fenix 5 watches. Let us know what issues you are having. Unfortunately, their isn’t a simple upgrade process it seems. Worst case, you may need to remove and reinstall. Hopefully not.

Sending photo of broken field(s) to Also, tonight I used the Garmin 520 to do a Smart workout on the indoor trainer and saved from within the workout player. It was properly captured and showed up in the activities table in Xert but was just labeled as a “Garmin Connect Activity”. I have other workouts that actually show with their Xert Workout name. Not a big deal as the data is there but it’s convenient to be able to review when I was free riding versus using a Workout.

Email (with follow up email after trying a few more things was sent). Still seeing the problems…