New Iphone Xert Player: Terrible

Unless there is a problem with my Iphone 5, the designers of the screen should be let go! First, they could use the screen space efficiently, instead Im stuck with either white space or black space. The font sizes are so small that I need a magnifying glass to see them. Absolutely no need to do that.
Then to add insult to injury, when in the middle of a workout, I press the II button , it takes me to a dumb screen to either save or delete! No, just do it as the old version. Most of the times I press II in order to decrease or increase the intensity temporarily but I still need to see the dashboard. I still dont know the purpose of the semicircle at the top of the screen. it never did anything for me but at least on the old version I could see it moving! Not on this one!
Also , on the old version I could see the accumulated XSS,. If this one has it, where is it.
Im going back to the old version! It never crashed, this one does! No need for all these nonsense changes. the only positive thing is the indication of the next step, ahead of time, The horizontal line repre senting time is a waist of programming resourses and redundant.

Please,keep the old version , otherwise Im out of here!

Thanks for your feedback, Fern. We continue to work on iPhone app to add more capabilities. Try it on your iPad or try with an iPhone 8 for a larger font experience.

Too cheap to replace my 5 year old phone while it still can take OS updates. Unfortunately, my Ipad doesnt! I,ll go back to the old Xert player! Much better and robust! I dont need too many fancy features. iI it controls my wahoo trainer according to the downloaded workout, if I can see the text on the screen and the button II alternates with ->, i,m OK!

Btw, you don’t need to pause to increase/decrease the workout intensity.

Unfortunately that is not practical, Armando. If I have an interval that lasts 30 seconds and, lets say it,s at 230 Watts ( above mt TP). Sometimes i may need to quickly take a drink, so my procedure with the old version is the following:
a. Stop the xert activity, on Iphone and concurrently stop on my Garmin 936 so I keep the time at 30 sec ( or 29)
b. Decrease xert intensity down to say, 150
c. Drink
d. Start increasing intensity to 230 Watts
e. when it reaches that, I restart xert and the Garmin
f. this way i dont miss any time on the interval

If I do it, the way you suggest, because Xert doesnt have a Fast increase or decrease festure and one has to hit the screen one hundred times to lower the intensity, the interval would be over by the time i would reach my " drink " power level!

In general, it’s not a good practice to stop the workout, particularly during short high intensity intervals. It’s also not a good practice to change intensities. Trimming a longer interval so that you get a bit more intensity or lowering one by a couple of percentages should only be done infrequently.

If you can’t complete an effort at the prescribed interval level that should be factored in. Stopping and restarting is essentially riding a completely different workout with gaps.
When I used TR their recommendation was to backpedal if you could not complete a prescribed interval. So far with Xert I haven’t had to do that.
Suggested workouts have been uncannily accurate in predicting what I can handle as I have moved through the phases. I also like the way intervals taper off on long workouts as fatigue accumulates.

I doubt your iPhone 5s has a year left for iOS updates.
Sounds like your iPad is even older. 6-7 years?
Developers can only go so far back to support old tech. Over 5 years is pushing it.
If price for new hardware is holding you back there are plenty of refurbished or used phones and iPads available online.
You could also visit a phone repair/refurbish shop to test Xert on more recent hardware and see if the difference is worth the upgrade to you.

Thanks for all the inputs. Buying a new Iphone, i can afford but unless i caannot use the App, ill just put up with the nuisances!, then. Relatde ti the stoppage to take a drink or just to move my body a little differently, i have to do it. Xert is not smart enough to accomodate other workouts that I do. Fot instance , tiday I alreday ran 9 miles, 5 miles at 7:30 pacce and 1 hour stregth training. So, tonight i " plan" to do 1 hour xerting! If I have to stop, what the heck, i’m 68! :blush: