New Home Screen

Love it! Nice update. Thanks everyone!


Agreed, great update! Effort is very much appreciated.

Yes :+1: Great new look - what took you so long :rofl:

Thanks a lot for the new home screen. It looks really nice and it is much more intuitive. I really like. I just detected one small issue. If I use the training planer, the activities filter is not working. If I press apply filter, nothing happens.

Yes much, much better. Thank you.

Great surprise this morning !!! Thank you !!!

Which check boxes do you have selected/unselected? I thought the same for a bit this morning (having “personal” and “coach” selected), but discovered that I needed to “leave” a coach to get the more specific workouts I was looking for.

I have selected all the checkboxes. Actually the filter works on the training tab. Its just in the planner tab where it doesn’t work. What I can currently do is to set the filter on the training tab and then go the the planner tab where the filter is set as in the training tab.

I’m having the same issue. Can’t get it to work on the planner.

Aware of the issue, we’ll look into it. Thanks!

great work, I did not like, that I had to use always left panel, when switching to planner. Now is everything together, adaptive training program gets idea about needed hours in a future and it seems that platform works faster. Really like it :+1:

I think the new layout is great. The idea of tabs is fine, because it was actually a bit messy, for example, to tell someone about how it works while restlessly clicking around. A big advantage is new overview with visualization of the progress of the “Adaptive Training Program” - that is amazing, that’s one thing I’ve been missing! thanks for all the work

An excellent update navigation much improved!! Well thought through - if a little overdue :+1:

Much better now that the planner is part of the main page tabs. That always bugged me.


Nice job! Very much appreciated!


Looks great. I missed one point that looked interesting on the tour. Any way to re-run the tour of new features?

Open Xert in a new incognito browser window! It should take you through the tour again. Cheers!

Well done!
One suggestion – If you click Goals and make a change it is not obvious you need to scroll to bottom of form and click the Update button. Perhaps Update should be moved up on the form below the drop-down selection boxes. This would make it visible regardless of how your browser is currently set.

I agree that the new updates make everything much more user friendly, and I am really enjoying them so far! Props to the Xert team.