NEW - Group Ride Analysis Features

You might notice some new group ride analytics features for your group rides! I think many users will find this a fun feature - especially for analyzing spirited group rides, race simulations, or even actual races :slight_smile:

Note that your ride data is automatically shared with any members of your Squad! To share your data with non-squad members, use the share button in the top right-hand corner of the activity details page :slight_smile:

Enjoy! :smiley:

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Sounds interesting. I’ve but been able to find the charts - does it work with existing activities or only new ones?

It should work for activities within the past year or so.

I don’t see any group rides on my account. Do you only match with other Xert activities (so the other riders need Xert)?

Correct - the group analysis will only appear when other group riders also upload their ride to Xert.

See more details in our support docs here: Group Ride Data Analytics with FlyBy – Xert


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How do I get my own Lap Data and Group Ride Analysis enabled at the same time? I want to compare among the group with the Lap time.

Hi. Is it so that Strava doesn’t provide an API to access other riders’ activities even if you follow them? Would be nice to analyze group rides even if the other riders are not using Xert. So far I have not seen a single group ride in Xert.

We don’t use Strava’s API for the group ride/analysis - everything is done with the data in our system. We can’t calculate/display MPA for users if they don’t have a fitness signature!

Tell your friends to sign up :wink:

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Hehe. Sure, I am! But it would still be nice to see how much time each rider was in front etc even if you couldn’t calculate the MPA.

It sounds like you are only matching Xert activities by time and location (your own Flyby feature) for now.