New Garmin Datafields Released - Support for Edge 1030 and Fenix 5

Support for the Edge 1030 and Fenix 5 is now included. Also, both the XSS/XEP and Focus/Strain apps can be configured to show Difficulty Score.

There will be issues when you install unfortunately. This is not something we can control as the conditions under which people will upgrade are far too numerous. Unfortunately, there is no failsafe process that we’ve managed to idenfify that works every time.

You can try to remove and reinstall the apps. Also when you make a settings change, editting the Activity Profile and simply changing the field to itself triggers the Garmin to reload the settings. If this doesn’t work powering off and on, seems to help too. So after you update all the codes, power off and on, and things should be ready to go. Pain in the you-know-what and I’ll be sure to let Garmin know the hoops we have to jump through