New Fixes and Updates Available

You’ll notice some other changes and improvements were just added:

  1. Ability to modify an existing non-power activity’s XSS and details
  2. Ability to add Liked workouts (favourites) and Favourite activities to the planner
  3. Ability to add or plan an workout/activity for today based on the time of the activity
  4. Challenge Goals are now handled properly
  5. Improved language on XSS targets on each day (Recommended, Remaining, Optional)
  6. AI Generated Workout chart gets properly generated
  7. Weather forecasts are enabled
  8. Improved layout of summary information on mobile


What is the difference between “Plan My Training” and “Plan a Ride” and “Plan a Workout”?

They all essentially look like the same thing when I click them and maybe I am having a hard time defining what is used when/where.

Plan my Training brings up the Adaptive Training Advisor with the Recommended Activities and Workouts. The other two are for adding a workout or activity directly using favourites and searches. These are there for more compatibility with the previous planner.

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Thanks Armando!

That helps clarify it more - I know you guys are probably pulling your hair out but you are doing great and its much appreciated.

Yeah. It’s great that people are enthusiastic about the software and about how something could be changed to their liking. I always think though about how it’s going to help people understand themselves as athletes and how to improve and get stronger. Ultimately that’s the real measuring stick. People will come because something is shiny, looks good and is easy to use but ultimately will stay when it truly benefits them. If it truly benefits them, they don’t really care where the buttons are. Having said that, the volume of activity has increased since our update. I’d be curious to know whether it’s due to the other features we announced or to be able to see them on the new planner.


I fully agree - being a competitive cyclist for 20 years I never fully understood “myself” until I moved to XERT last year. I have seen such great strides and understanding of myself that I don’t care where the buttons are honestly as long as I can understand what I am doing and I will eventually figure out how to control the system.

However - if its made easier I wont complain either haha.


Maybe I just can’t see the wood for the trees, but I still can’t see how to add Liked workouts (favourites) and Favourite activities to the planner! I can ‘see’ my favourites in both ‘favourites’ & ‘table’ - but I can’t see how to import my selected activity into the planner! Drag & drop was just straightforward. Am I missing something?

Update: I’ve (quite by chance) managed to do it - add a ‘favourite’ to the planner! I don’t think the method is as slick as ‘drag & drop’, but at least I have now made it work, so at this point - all good!