New fitness planning calendar

Hello Arnando and the gang. Well done with the new fitness planner - a massive help for me to see in advance what I should be doing for training, it really helps me plan my week, thank you.
I wonder if I’ve spotted a ‘feature’ (bug) though. I cannot put a manual entry in to any future date, it will only let me add one of the pre-existing workouts. I want to put in my swimming and other pre-planned rides with estimated XSS for the future, to ensure training aligns with that, but the only way I can do it is to create the event in the past, then drag it to a date in the future.
Or am I missing something?

I agree. MUCH easier to use and much cleaner looking as well, though there needs to be a way to add upcoming group rides and other events.

Click on the “Show Activity Data” button and you can enter the data manually.

Great. Thanks!