New Coros DURA GPS unit

I’m thinking of upgrading my edge 530 to the new Coros Dura with 120hrs battery life and solar battery at a relatively low price. I’ve seen it uses Google maps for navigation. I wonder however if Xert data fields could potentially be integrated in this unit @xertedbrain ?

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Can’t wait to see what this is like once they’re released. Battery(claimed) is just what I’m looking for.

And if it’s possible to get the Xert features (rather than having to switch to Garmin(I’m on Wahoo) then that could be very interesting indeed at their price point.

The reviews by DCRainmaker and GPLama are however not encouraging

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No they’re not. But just about everything I use is in beta these days. Even cars are like beta testing as we move to electric.

If we can get the battery life to even 50 hours that’ll do me.

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Not very likely that Xert will spend resources on one more head unit.