New Android App Available on the Playstore

Hello everyone,

We’ve pushed out a new version of the Android app (v 3.1.4), making it more intuitive and bringing a similar UI to the iOS app. Those of you who have an Android laying around and would like to test, let us know how it works for you! I’ve been testing with it for about 5 days now without issue, but it might still be a good idea to be recording elsewhere (Zwift, Garmin, etc.).


Will this auto-update for users if they already have a previous beta version?

It should. Beta is up on the play store. (3.1.2 should come out shortly btw, as we’re fixing issues as they get reported).

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Thanks, I’ll give it a go.

Got it, looks good, notice I now have Slope mode which is great. One question, is there a preference regarding connecting my trainer via Ant+ or Bluetooth?

Ant+ is more reliable. You may have to force that connection, as BLE gets picked up and connects faster.

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I’ve been testing ANT+ exclusively and haven’t encountered any issues yet! The trainer control works really smooth - tested in Kickr 1/2, and Cycleops Hammer H2.

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How do you force the ANT+ Connection…could obvs turn off bluetooth but don’t want to do this

I don’t think there’s another way - just disable BLE, establish Ant+ connection(s) and re-enable BLE for other purposes…

Great thank you

New version crept up on me unexpectedly via play store auto update. Previously my numbers were clearly marked on the dial now I have no idea what the colour boundary are.

Could it be possible to make the new look a selectable theme? or optional?

Hi Kopa,

The gauge has moved towards how it appears on our iOS app. We’re looking to harmonize the overall appearance and capabilities across our apps. This reduces the demand on us in terms of support and development, and keeps everything consistent for all users. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I unfortunately have had the opposite experience with ant connection. I use Samsung note 8 with sarris h2. While riding the app notify me of disconnect and reconnect once every 30 seconds or so. Last two rides it disconnected after about an hour and failed to connect again. On beta 3.1.4

La estoy utilizando con sensores ant+ de momento todo bien un acierto a la app

lo suelo utilizar para los entrenamientos en rodillo en la calle utilizo el garmin con la IQ xert workout

Hi xertedbrain, Thanks for your prompt reply.

Is it possible to post a previous android version apk so that I can revert to the older version?

This is because I am very new to Xert and trying to get to grips with it and the android version was showing me some key boundary numbers helping me along e.g 10w below TP etc. (Also had Xert on IOS but struggled with it).

Today I had a session and as noted else where ANT+ connection kept disconnecting/connecting sometimes power dropping to zero and back. Also my target activity power seemed to lag behind my actual power before settling to the correct value. this never seemed to happen before.

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Couple of suggestions: tap and hold a cell to change what it contains. Tap it to change the settings. You can enter 30s to the MMP datafield to see your interactive 30s power (this was the yellow to red demarcation on the original gauge). Or tap it and set it to 120s to see your interactive 120s power (this was the black to yellow demarcation). Or tap it and set it to 1s to see MPA. Use the TTE field similarly to see how long you can sustain a given power interactively.

Double check your sensor settings. With the new version, you may have things set up a bit differently that what you had before. You should have only 1 sensor with power enabled, ideally. If you are using a smart trainer and a power meter, enable powermatch on the smart trainer sensor.

Sometimes the Cycleops trainers need to be power cycled. Try that and let us know if this addresses your issue. Send a note to our if you are still having issues.

image .

Sorry I didn’t explain properly. The numbers I was referring to are the ones on the dial such as 200,400,600 and 1000.

A suggestion maybe: The second outer pink MPA dial is moved to the left or right of the multicolour dial as a pink bar that shrinks to indicate MPA.

I love the clean intuitive interface on iOS, I still find the Android one confusing and unintuitive, hoping to see them converge even more

The outer pink bar isn’t quite indicating MPA, but is used for the calculation of MPA. When pink is full, MPA drops slowly. When pink is drained, MPA will fall quickly (if riding at the same intensity). MPA is still indicated by the purple on the multicolored dial.