New Advanced Activity Analytics Features

As many of you have noticed, we posted some updates last night with some interesting new features!

  1. We upgraded the charting system. Your activity charts should now open faster and you can zoom and scrub through them much, much faster too.
  2. If you click-and-drag any section, you’ll see that section marked on the map and you’ll now get more detailed info on that: Starting MPA, Ending MPA, Focus and Specificity.
  3. Top section shows your Training Status before the start of the activity.
  4. No longer need to click the Advanced tab to adjust your activity fitness signature.
  5. If your activity has laps, you can open Advanced Stats and select Laps to view them. (Xert Workout Players do not yet set laps on workout intervals however)
  6. If you are a Strava Premium user and your activity has been synced between Xert and Strava, you can “View on Strava” (as before) but will also be able to use Advanced Stats and open the “Segments” option. This will show all your starred segments on the current activity. Click a segment will zoom the chart and map to that segment so that you can review your performance and Xert metrics on that. Xert will also estimate your time if you were to perform that segment with a breakthrough. Click the ? beside Breakthrough Effort to learn more.
  7. The chart shows your current effort, PR effort and the Breakthrough Effort for comparison purposes. (Not all of us will have a chance to get a KOM but everyone of us can look to improve our performance and get new PRs!)

We’ll be sending out some more info shortly on this.


Cool little side by side (technically, top to bottom) comparison of the old versus new charting software. You’ll notice much faster loading, zooming, & scrolling. :slight_smile:

AM Charts 3 (2.0)

AM Charts 5 (2.0)

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There are no estimates showing

Aha you must have changed something as its now working

This is really cool! One question and one observation.

For starred segments, if I star a segment after the ride has been imported to Xert, will that newly starred segment show up or do you need to reimport?

For the lap view, I think the speed (number) is kph but it is listed as mph. I wish I was that fast :sob:

Yes - you will just need to refresh the activity after starring the segments in Strava! No need to reimport the activity.

Good catch - we’ll get that fixed!

Wondering why my local climbs show me beating World Tour level riders if only I would just go hard enough? :slight_smile:


So I’d need to sync my activities to Xert from Strava, rather than from Garmin, to see this? No way to view it with the data first coming from Garmin?

Have Xert sync it to Strava, rather than Garmin. That’ll work too.

Deleting a recent crown-capturing activity then re-importing it from Strava did the trick (mostly). Estimates aren’t showing, but perhaps it’ll pull after a while like it did for oldcyclist - or are those biking only?

Noticed the same and have written to support directly. I think the power vs duration is from your power curve so fine, but the speed estimate is wonky. Your example suggests putting out ca 25% more power can lead to a 100% increase in speed / halving of time.

Maybe they use the wrong rider weight eg that from the KOM holder… or there’s a miles vs Km issue somewhere….(1.6*1.25 is 2)… and actually mine was similar (10% more power was 70% faster which is also about a 1.6 factor)


Even for your case, the speed for the BT looks off… how can an increase of power by 20% lead to an almost doubling of speed…

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I have looked at a couple of segments done recently and they all suggest I could get the KOM. Given I am 65 years old and went pretty hard, almost maxed out then I don’t see such massive improvements. Others seems to think the same.

However it is interesting technology and is perhaps best used on segments where you have made a bit of an effort but not all out and know you have some scope for improvement.
Or just use segment killer if it is an outside ride.

I also like it and will be great once these hopefully minor bugs are sorted

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That is crazy.

Well support are looking into it and still think it will be cool when fixed, so am not too fussed. Hopefully not too complicated

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I can’t really see me using it as strava segment chasing has zero interest to me.

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Am nowhere near any KOM but do like to set a PB. I don’t race and it’s a bit more real world than just the signature. Good to challenge friends too :wink: Unfortunately not in quite as good shape as before so don’t see many coming anytime soon.

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I’m maybe an outlier but neither myself or any of the people I cycle with are bothered at all about racing, segments, pbs etc. We’re all just out to enjoy our riding and enjoy the sociable side of it.

I only use xert for indoor workouts on the smart trainer over the winter months.

It’s probably not ideal for me as I obviously only use a fraction of it.

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It’ll improve as we get more feedback and address issues we encounter. What we are also trying to work into it is the effect of group rides, traffic signs/lights, coasting and wind conditions from your existing effort. It’s easy to say “just ride at 293W” but that not actually what it’s suggesting or trying to optimize. Hence, a bit more work to perfect but a lot more useful than simple fixed power math.

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