Negative Time To Exhaustion

As show on you tube in the video ‘Ride to Xert’s Focus metric with SCott’ I put in the value(in Garmin connect) I read in the Training Advisor (Interval targets at 203W). The result on my Garmin is:
203W TTE but with a negative value (-7:15). What do I wrong?

Be sure that you have the data field set for a value above your TP

Problem persists.

The higher value I put in the higher becomes the value negative.

Please help me to have a better understanding of Xert.

Can you list all your settings, form Garmin Connect on your phone (or PC) and what the data field(s) look like on your Edge?

Also, did you look here: ?

Note that the Edge will not update the fields (orange dot will turn green) unless you hit the start button and wait a minute or two…

My TP is currently 282, so at 300 Watts, Xert calculates I will exhaust myself in just over 18 minutes. If you actually sustain 300 Watts longer than that, or anything over TP at that stage, the value will go negative.

I haven’t tried to put TTE at something lower than TP, but I suppose that would result in either an error, a value of 0, or a negative value as you report.

My data on Connect:
TTE 220
Target MPA 600
Time to recovery Watts 100
Target recovery MPA 1200

On the Edge this results in a TTE: -11:17

In Xert I choose GC Specialist
My FTP= 207

Training advisor:
Today’s Training Deficit : 101 XSS

Phase : Base
Estimated Training Needed : 1.2 hours / 1.2 activities
Focus Type : Endurance (Focus: 01:33:18 | Interval Targets: 205W)
Workout Goal : 90 XSS
Difficulty Rating: :diamonds::diamonds:½
Advice is based on your recent activities performed on Fridays.

Did you tick ‘Use Custom Target MPA?’ on both lines where that occurs? I have never done that, so I don’t know what fiddling with those field values would do, or the impact of that on TTE, if you set them incorrectly.

No, I didn’t tick ‘Use custom Target Mpa’. Should I? I also wonder the value (Focus: 01:33:18)???

I joined also the Steel club. Can you look to my profile please?

Thank everybody for the reactions. But… what do I wrong??? I see total other (not expected) things??

Send an email to and they’ll help you.

hi, have you figured out what was wrong? I installed datafield on edge 1030 now and get negative number TTE too.

Still now I have no answer. The same happens with me.

I played with that and noticed that I need to set TTE at least 50% higer than is my TP in order not to see negative numbers.

Still now I used the value as suggested in ‘Training advisor’. I have my doubts if what you do is the right way???

That is not how it’s supposed to be. At a TP of 200 Watts, you could ride at 300 Watts without exhausting, according to that… As long as you set TTE to anything higher than TP, you should see a positive number - it could be over one hour if it’s like 105% (so, 5% higher), but it can only be negative if you pull MPA to drop below TP…

Maybe this thing doesn’t work if your MPA is suspiciously low? Did you ask/email Support?

For me the datafield didn’t work at all until I set all values on Garmin Express instead of Garmin Connect. Maybe this is worth to try…

When I want to save editation done in TTE datafield on Garmin Express, it crashes. It happens only with TTE datafield. So unable to set value on Garmin Express.