Need help for my setup


I’m new to Xert and have a question about my setup. I use a Tacx Vortex Smart trainer and a Polar HRM with Zwift on a Mac Book Pro . I connect the trainer through BT with the Zwift Companion app on my iPhone.

Now I have installed the Xert player on my iPhone and want that Xert controlls my trainer on Zwift. I see my trainer in the Xert Player on my iPhone and can connect it. Also I disabled the controllable smart trainer in Zwift. I can load a workout in Xert player and see the watts and ride on Zwift (in Zwift I also see the watts and cadence). But the player doesn’t controll my trainer and do not give me more watts in intervals etc. What do I do wrong? Or do I have to use my gears as out on the road and have to downshift in intervalls? I think not, right?

Hi Georg. Unfortunately, the Xert Player for iOS only supports the Wahoo KICKR family of smart trainers at this time. In the coming days you’ll be able to export our workouts so that you can play them in Zwift directly. This might be a better solution for you. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your answer. That would be a solution. But another question. Somewhere in the FAQ I wrote about ANT+ connection. If I buy an ANT+ dongle, would this work?

Not with iOS at this time. It’s something we will be looking into. The Android app though works with a regular ANT+ stick and USB OTG adapter.

Ok thanks. So I‘m looking forward to be able to export workouts.