Need a recommendation

So, my event came and is gone . Somehow my FTP fot my cycling leg of my World duathlon competition on April 27, was 218 watts. I even got a breakthrough ( dont know what it means…) That was after a 10 k run in 46.5 min! My question is the following: My FTP sits at 210 watts , now. So, if I set my goal to maintain, xert tells me that I need to do 2.7 houts per week. Im sure ill do more than that ( It,s Summer!), however is is correct that the 2.7 hours per week would get me at steady state of 210-212? ill be happy with that!

Hi Fernando,
Xert tracks your historical data and makes assumptions about how much you can improve based on your increasing Training Load (XSS) and intensity distribution (Focus). You can adjust the improvement rate to match however many hours you have available in the week to train. You should also consider setting a new Target Event Date, if you haven’t already. Cheers

i just set a goal date of Sep 30th and selecetd Maintenance . i just want to make sure that with the precribed recommended workouts i will maintain my present FTP. i probably will do more but right now i want to “rest” , Am I correct with my assumptions. Thkx

Yup! Good luck with your training!