Near Breakthrough - what is it?

Newbie here - only on my 6th XERT ride.

Yesterday I got a breakthrough, today, my numbers were even better and it says ‘Near Breakthrough’ in the planner. How can I ascertain how much more I need to do to get another Breakthrough

Not really sure how to find and/or create my signature.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Xert community! We love seeing new faces here!

A breakthrough occurs when you’re able to generate more power than the current fitness signature predicts (i.e. you generate more power than MPA predicts). To learn more about this, check out our Podcast episode that talks about breakthroughs! How much ‘more’ you need to do for a breakthrough depends on many factors (such as, which fitness signature component are you trying to improve, when is your target event, what phase of training are you in…etc. etc.). Listen to the podcast and come back with any questions that you have afterwards!

Your signature is comprised of 3 components: Peak Power (PP), High Intensity Energy (HIE) and Threshold Power (TP, similar to other programs’ FTP). Once again, I’ll direct you to another of our podcast episodes on fitness signatures. You can find your fitness signature in the activities table (which you’ve attached to this thread already), or by changing the chart on the My Fitness homepage from ‘XPMC’ to ‘Fitness Signatures’

Hope this helps! Cheers!

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Interesting statistics there Mitch.

Peak Power 1871 which is massive but a TP of 166 which is not as massive. Presumably you are pretty light to give a w/kg > 3.

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I am 72.5kgs. The 3 month data was imported from Strava and now on 6th xert ride

@maskenas1961, do you believe your PP (1s power) is actually 1871W, or do you think that might be a data error?

It’s not so much whether or not he believes it, but he might wish (for) it :joy: Or I’m greatly misjudging :face_with_monocle: But apparently there has been at least one recording with that number, which probably was an erroneous spike. Like @johnnybike mentioned, 166 TP seems rather low though…

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Power data source? I wonder if this signature is the result of using Strava “estimated power”?

Which is what I initially thought, but I figured the OP would know better… BTW, the Strava calculation is on average not as bad as you might think. Obviously, going 50 kph with a strong tail wind, will make Strava estimate you’re pushing 400 Watts, but if you return into the head wind, struggling with all you got at 25 kph, it will calculate 150 Watts. The average is not far off though :joy: The PP value is almost certainly a power spike, which I think Strava would not produce? I’ve had spikes when I wasn’t using a PM, but nothing like 1800+ - more like 1200, which is still high for me, but not impossible…

All - thanks for the feedback - Power info whilst riding outside is via PowerTap and sync’d to Strava, so not estimated power.

If a one-time power spike - how do I smooth it out?

My FTP last ramp test I did with Trainer Road was 200W.

Go to and remove the spike, or flag the ride in Xert, so it won’t count. Your TP may get recalculated to a more accurate value. Just make sure you have no other registrations with spikes like that - repeat if you do…

You can quickly find a ride with a power spike by going to the Activities Table, adding the column “Maximum Power” and filtering high to low.

Ah - yes - there seems to be a few outliers in the uploaded Strava data - Shall I delete the entire activities from Xert ?

You can simply flag those rides.

If you want, you can try your hand at downloading the files with incorrect peaks, and use the peak remover tool from fitfiletools to remove the power spikes, then re-upload the “fixed” file.