near breakthrough but fitness signature improved?

Yesterday I got a near breakthrough and was expecting my signatures to be adjusted down… however my TP increased by 2w (375->377), and HIE increased 2.5kJ (30.5->33)… my PP only decreased by 1w (1309->1308). This seems to be an increase of signature overall, and playing with Advanced tab and MPA seems to support this… so I am not clear if this is correct and perhaps this upward adjustment can be a function of the fatigue or difficulty score at the time of the breakthrough? This happened at the end of a long set of 10s sprint efforts (similar to Polarized Interval workout but ridden ‘manually’ out on the road)

Sometimes when things are that close and precise, you can surpass MPA as previously determined yet the extraction results in slightly higher numbers. For various reasons, the extraction doesn’t always result in exactly the same numbers and you can see a fluctuation of a few watts in TP, for example. These shouldn’t be material, really.

Thanks for confirming Armando. This makes sense and I agree the changes are not material - it won’t change how I race, or train, or pace a TT… A few weeks ago, racing, I eased up on the finish line as the man ahead was out of reach and we were clear of the riders behind - this resulted in a adjustment down/fakethrough. It was minor changes like this and it returned after a breakthrough the following week. The breakthroughs and near breakthroughs I am seeing this year is giving me a lot of confidence in the numbers and the XERT model. Great work!