Near breakthrough and my FTP goes down - why?

I completed a training session today. At the beginning of the session my FTP was 277, after completing the session " SMART - Welcome to the Machine" my FTP has decreased to 273. Its a bit counter intuitive as less intensive workouts have seen my FTP slowly go up, but this workout was short with a high average power and a near breakthrough. Wondering why this might be.

Near breakthroughs or “fakethroughs” are a common occurrence. They reflect a possible decline in fitness that you may want to be aware of. With a 2W decline, I wouldn’t sweat it however.

Thanks for the quick reply. I flagged the workout and everything went back to normal.

Is it normal that our TP goes down after a near breakthrough ?
I understand it’s not a big deal, but I’m wandering if it’s normal.

The same just happen to me on a hard race. Can I have your opinion on that specific ride and the fact that my TP went down 4W.
My activity below:

By the way, I really feel your model is really good since I almost reached my MPA a couple of time during the race. It almost seems too good :slight_smile:. Is it a kind of curve fitting and this is why it seems too good ? I mean if my TP was 4W higher, I wouldn’t reach MPA that precisely ?
It kind of assume it was maximal effort ?
I was in a race, it was hard, but I did what’s needed to be done, if the rider behind me was closer, I would have pushed even more.

Forget my question, I found my answer on Xert group on FB !

Hi @MaxT, could you post here the link of the answer you’ve found ?



Sorry, it’s been a while. The system assumes you did maximal effort, so it adjust down your signature. It’s not a big deal since if it was not a max effort. You’ll show the system what you can do in a next session.