Name of Xert workout that have been exported to Garmin Connect

I have exported a number of workouts to Garmin. I exported 4 or 5 workouts but only ever see 2 in my list of workouts in Garmin Connect, ‘Xert Running Workout’, and ‘Xert Cycling workout’. So I guess every workout exported has the same name and just overwrites the previous workout exported from Xert. No big deal if thats the case.

Have you tried to edit the name in Garmin so the new one doesn’t overwrite it?

I couldn’t find a way on Garmin Connect to edit the workout name which I thought was wierd because that seems like a basic feature is should have. Evidently if you import a workout from another platform like Xert or TrainingPeaks, it tells you to edit the workout, including the name, on the original platform. So I guess the Xert platform would have to use the workout name when it pushes it over to Garmin Connect, instead of the generic name ‘Xert Running Workout’.

I think the idea is that one should not export workouts in advance but just in time, since the Xert signature changes continuously and so the exported workout would not exactly fit your needs a few days/weeks/months later.

Idefix - Ah yes I think you’re right. That makes perfect sense. I’m still getting used to the constantly changing fitness profile, dynamic workouts, and getting away from the training plan mentality. Thank very much!