My Signature and Training Status & Form seem way off

Hello, I have not changed the amount of time riding in the past few months and feel like I really have not had rides that are more taxing either but the training pacer arrow is completely pinned to the right and HIE & Peak Power seem way to high. I did have a power meter issue that I have since fixed but there are 2 rides that are recorded and I flagged both. One ride the power meter was giving me higher power readings than the actual power and the 2nd ride the power meter was reading extremely low. As I said both have been flagged but my numbers just don’t seem right still Not sure what to do. Can anyone help with this?
Thank you,

When was your last BT event to confirm your signature settings?
You can file a support request directly by contacting and they’ll take a look at your data and adjust your signature if necessary.
Normally the pacer needle position reflects your week to week XSS versus your IR setting. So if set it to a 6 hour range but you are riding 8 hours the needle will be pushed to the right (XSS/TL is consistently over target).
First thing to check is your current IR setting under Goals. Try changing that to a higher value and click Update. If no effect there must be an issue with your data and you’ll need to file a support request.

Ridgerider2, thank you! I adjusted the IR setting and that took care of the Training Pacer issue and it looks like since I flagged the 2 rides that were not accurate it now has been adjusted. Thank you again and Happy New Year!