My Garmin heart rate monitor doesn't work on Xert

I have a Bluetooth heart rate monitor that worked on Xert, but is broken. I have an older Garmin heart rate monitor that I believe is ANT+ and it doesn’t work on Xert. I put a new battery in it. I have an iPhone SE 2nd Gen (updated to current iOS). I looked on the Apple app store for some Ant+ app, but didn’t see one. Is there some piece of equipment or app I can get to make my Garmin heart rate monitor work on Xert? Thanks very much for any info. Regards, George

An iPhone requires a Bluetooth connection.
I’m not sure if the NPE CABLE device is available any more. That converts ANT+ to BLE.

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AFAIK the only ant+ to bt adaptor was for the old 30 pin iPhone connector, I don’t think there is any way of doing it with Lightning connector.

The NPE device is no longer available but the same company do a WYUR device which is similar.

My cable has been brilliant and I would not hesitate to get the WYUR from the same company North Pole Engineering

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Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out.

For the price of the WYUR you can get a new HR monitor? Polar h10 broadcasts two Bluetooth channels (so to Xert app and eg Zwift or Rouvy or whatever your preference, over Bluetooth) and ANT+ (to garmin or wahoo or whatever), plus has has more frequent sampling / more precise RR intervals so you can measure HRV (if that’s of interest)

Or, if you have a garmin bike computer that supports the Xert workout player you can use your ANT + HR monitor with that for free…


Wesley - Thanks very much for the info. I’ve learned things about heart rate monitors and ANT+/Bluetooth I didn’t know.

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