My FS did a strange jump

My FS did a strange jump a couple of days back and TP is now all of a sudden +40W. All my BTs from 2020 are gone and last BT is now reported to be from Sep, 2019. What is this? I set the signature decay method to “No Decay” some weeks back after a gradual 50W decay of TP from peak appr. mid 2020. Has the model changed and everything been recalculated?

one option is go back to the event/ ride that caused the jump. Flag it that will take it out of the calculation and should revert to something closer to what was before that time. Once flagged there must have been something weird in that file maybe your power meter had some strange high data? Also it sort of sounds like you did in some way a signature recalc from you profile page. If that is the case then I am not certain if it is something that can be recovered easily. Scott has a post about how to lock in a FS and I used that once when I screwed up my signature by recalculation from the profile page. When you recalc it goes back to the last locked profile to recalc as I understand.

Thanks, but I cannot find any activity to flag / causing this and as I mentioned there is no recorded BT since Sep 2019 in my progression chart. Also, I have done no manual recalc of my signature for as far as I can remember.

I can add that recently I started running 2-3 times a week without paying much attention to what this contributed towards my training load apart from a seemingly very low estimated XSS compared to perceived effort / corresponding TSS. If for instance the model has changed wrt estimating XSS for running this might be a possible explaination.

Probably this is a case you should take to tech support who can look at things and set it straight. Send them an e-mail and see what happens then let us know here for future reference.

Thanks, I will do.

My FS is now back on track after getting very good help from Scott at tech support!

The problem turned out to be a very old activity that got uploaded after I started running again using a Garmin watch with some history on it. Everything then got recalculated from this date where my FS was alot higher and with my current “No decay” setting values stayed high.

Removing this activity (a hike with nothing of value wrt training load) after setting “Optimal decay” made everything evolve back to normal and my BTs from this season returned. Scott also helped with putting back my “No decay” setting for the past period and that put my FS to where it was prior to this incident.

Problem is solved and I must thank Scott for being very responsive and efficient handling this issue!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Glad to hear it was a good fix. Thanks for sharing your experience