My fitness signature for shorter focus type workouts seems wrong


my fitness signature seems fine for Breakaway Specialist workouts and longer focus duration type workouts but for the shorter ones it is way too high. Today I was doing the “Smart - One Step Closer” (Xert - Login) puncheur workout and could barely finish the first interval of the first “High Intensity Repeats” block. The rest of the first high intensity repeats block was very hard. The first interval of the second “High Intensity Repeats” I could not finish an had to stop pedalling. After the next two repeats I dropped the intensity to 90%. Nevertheless I could not finish the first interval of the last “High Intensity Repeats” block. So I turned the intensity down even more (to 80%).
Here is the link to my workout:
Xert - Activity | SMART - One Step Closer
I did the workout on my indoor smart trainer (kickr 5).

The strange thing was that after I failed the workout my “High Intensity Energy” increased from 23,2 kj to 23,9 kj and my “Peak Power” from 986 w to 1002 w. Shouldn’t those parameters decrease instead?

How can I adjust my fitness signature for the shorter focus duration type workouts like puncheur?

Would it be possible to have separate signatures for indoor and outdoor like WKO 5 does? Especially the powernumbers on sprints differ too much indoor vs. outdoor.

Sorry for my poor english, but I hope it is somewhat understandable. :see_no_evil:

Greetings from Germany

You can check out this chart re errors

And also look at recent breakthroughs to see if there were errors (eg spikes) that would distort things. You can email support for help with that, and they are usually quick to respond. They can adjust your signature if needed too - safer than playing around and wondering if you did the right thing if you’re not sure

It could be the indoor va outdoor point - think the most practical is to scale workouts as you did (even if the resulting XSS etc is technically ‘wrong’)

Or, noting you didn’t seem to max your HR after the very first interval, it could be you had a bad day… were fatigued… or didn’t warm up enough (I find some Xert warm ups too short)…

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Hi Wesley,
great, thanks a lot for the infos and the link to the article! I will email the support!

One Step Closer should be a very hard workout.
Was it recommended because your form was fresh (blue/green) and your status level is close to 4 stars?

You completed the first set at 100%. Subsequent sets were higher watts but shorter duration.
While you had to reduce intensity to complete them, you did achieve the intended strain ratio and focus. It was a “successful” workout in that regard.

I only consider a workout as “failed” if I have to abandon the workout before completion at any intensity.
Looking back in my history that particular workout is one of a handful of which I did not complete all sets.
If you anticipate trouble completing red spike workouts like this one, consider performing them in Slope mode rather than AUTO. You won’t have to hit the targets exactly but intended strain ratio and training benefit will be close enough.

No problem. Curious what the recommendation is (if you’re happy to share) and whether it’s a ‘real’ signature issue or one of the other factors

Yes, it was recommended because of those two factors. This is my current status level:

Yes, this is a good suggestion to perform them in slope mode, thanks! I will test this. Alternatively I will try puncheur focused workouts which are rated with three stars to see if I can handle them better.

Yes, I’ll be happy to do so.