Multisport Profiles - Historic Activities

Thank you for adding multiple profiles to the platform. Is there a way to categorize historic activities prior to the addition to this feature. Ex. on Mon. I did a jog, Wed. I added new “Running” profile. Running profile does not have my activity from Mon. Any way to force re-categorization previous activities? Thank you!

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I doubt there is. I both posted a similar thread last week and emailed support and had zero responses to either.
I ended up going to my “running” profile>sync>resynced everything I could from first Garmin and then Strava (Strava would go back further) and I still have years worth of activities that aren’t included. It would be a pain but I’m also considering requesting a full export from Garmin and re-importing all of that historical data as well.

Ohh - re-sync ….

Can you confirm that re-sync worked and your were able to see under correct profile? Did you delete before you did a re-sync?

I didn’t delete anything - everything before I created the “running” profile is still there under the original/now called “cycling” profile.

The re-sync worked just fine, just do it after selecting your “running” profile and all of those activities will show up there.

Thank you!